Northside Endoscopy Service

Northside Endoscopy Service (NES) was first established in the early 1990s with the principle of providing timely and effective management of patients in the Northern Brisbane Suburbs and Moreton Bay region. At the time, NES was providing consulting services and to meet the increasing demand, NES later expanded to encompass a day procedure unit with endoscopic procedures in conjunction with consultation services in order to facilitate swift patient investigations and management as well as reduce the burden on the overwhelmed public hospitals with increasing patient waiting times. Our modus operandi at NES is to provide a high quality service to our patients in a cost effective manner. NES has remained a gap free service as well as offering subsidised rates to uninsured patients and pensioners.

Our expert team of doctors with high skill level of training are committed to ensuring the well being of patients and supporting them through their personal journey. All of our doctors are dedicated to public hospital service which remains an important integral part of learning, keeping up to date with new advancements and practices in medicine. Our services has expanded considerable in the last 3 years, now offering tertiary level care with advanced complex procedures, the latest ultrasound technology for diagnostic imaging, prescibing new treatments for viral hepatitis and managing complex Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The family at NES is a growing and evolving team that strives for excellence in providing quality patient care and support.